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Who to contact?
How to get a filming permit ?
What are the constraints and availability of the places you want to approach ?

The Ile-de-France Film Commission has identified and developed close relationships with major institutions that are regularly solicited for shootings.
Using links below, you will find all the informations needed to file a shooting request with these institutions:


Paris film office

The Paris Film Office was set up to assist and advise professional film-makers who wish to film in the city. Application form, check you have the all documents you need, understand the procedure... Everything you need to do to film in Paris is explained here.


The North-East of Paris Film Commission promotes the departement's territory to cinema and audiovisual production companies. Its services are provided free of charge to all profesionals preparing projects.

Val d'Oise - Images & Cinémas

The Images & Cinema service facilitates your researches and works on site. The departement of the Val d'Oise offers great landscapes and cityscapes including preserved small towns and villages.

Informations & Contacts (in french)

Paris Airport sites

If you are interested in a Commercial shoot for the following kinds of works : feature-length films, TV series, Films made for television, Commercials, Fashion photos, Web films, music videos, or internet videos on airport sites.

Air France

Air France is an ideal setting for audio-visual production companies looking for an aircraft cabin or private lounges as a context.



The practical terms for filming in hospitals and care establishments are defined in respect of protecting the image rights of patients, staff, visitors as well as internal rules and regulations. (In french)

The Centre des Monuments Nationaux

To film in a national monument, a written application (by post, e-mail or fax) must be sent to the “Service des locations-tournage”. The application will be forwarded to the appropriate person at the relevant monument.

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Interior

French prefectures and sub-prefectures open their doors to movie makers. The French Ministry of the Interior’s buildings offer a diverse and rich opportunity for fi lm shooting in prestigious, out of the ordinary and historical settings.

Informations & Contacts (in french)

Ministry of defence - DICOD

The Ministry of Defence has a very diverse range of buildings and real-estate. Applications for filming should be sent directly to the Delegation for Defence Information and Communication (DICOD). 

Informations & Contacts (in french)

Ministry of justice

Applications for filming fictional films and series in law courts are processed centrally by the Communication Department at the Directorate for Legal Services within the Ministry of Justice which then sends these to judges in charge of administrating the buildings accordingly.

Informations & contacts (in French)



Filming in forestry areas requires permission, particularly where this involves long-term presence on site. An agreement should be signed which notably defines the terms of occupancy, parking, and also any payment to be made to the land owner.

Informations & Contacts


The Paris-Seine Agency manages a total of 40 ports between Alfortville and Suresnes including the historical centre of Paris and modern locations such as the ports at the rail station at the foot of the National Library

Informations & Contacts (in french)


The Parisian Transportation Operator (RATP) grants permits to film across its entire network (buses, metro, RER) after considering each application. Respecting public transportation service is nevertheless an obligation.

Informations & Contacts (in french)