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Circul'Art 2 : Increase ecoproduction in the audiovisual industry

Thursday 18 March 2021

The Circul'Art 2 project, led by Film Paris Region with the support of the Paris Region, Ademe and Ecoprod, will be launched on January 25, 2021 during the Paris Images Production Forum.
Its ambition is to encourage professionals in the film and audiovisual sectors to adopt environmentally responsible solutions and habits.
Since 2010, the Ecoprod Collective has emphasized the importance for the film and audiovisual sectors to reduce their carbon footprint. The professions related to the film setting are among the biggest CO2 producers:

The image sector produces 1.7 million tons of CO2, 20% of which is linked entirely to the construction of sets. 40% of these sets have an unknown outlet.

In 2020, Film Paris Region, Ecodéco Ciné and ADC-MAD, with the help of sociologist Samuel Zarka, are initiating a survey aimed at film set crews in order to gain a better understanding of their practices, the structural inertia of the sector and the possible actions that can be taken.

A film set is 15 tons of material thrown away during a shooting.

This survey of 331 professionals in the audiovisual set design industry concluded that 99% of them are aware of their impact and would like to be trained in eco-design. Based on these findings. In close collaboration with filming locations, recycling centers, material libraries, professional associations, representative organizations of the sector and players in the circular economy, Film Paris Region is developing several lines of action to support professionals in this transition:

- identifying and promoting green initiatives in the Paris region via a Services Catalogue, which will soon be available on this website.

- publishing a reference guide with the regulations, the main principles of eco-design and the circular economy, and best practices.

- raising awareness among professionals and students through videos and specific workshops

- the implementation of a pilot project in a Parisian studio to develop thinking and innovations in eco-production.

Watch the video (english subtitles)

Circul Art Vignette FR