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The Production Forum
10 years and new ambitions!


The Production Forum aims to meet the changing needs of the entire film and audiovisual production industry. The growing recognition of our international skills and current ecological challenges will mark this 10th anniversary.
  • photo_xavier_granet-9569
    © Xavier Granet
  • photo_xavier_granet-7139
    Jérémy Redler, président de Film Paris Region - Commission du film Ile-de-France © Xavier Granet
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    © Xavier Granet
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    L'équipe de la Commission du film Ile-de-France © Xavier Granet


See you on 16 and 17 January 2020 at the Parc Floral de Paris to experience this new version proposed by Film Paris Region!

Now an unavoidable place for exchanges and interactions, The Production Forum strengthens the objectives of previous years’ editions:
- promotion of filming sites and services
- networking of filming professionals
- promotion of production issues

Among the main focuses, ecoproduction will be highlighted:
Hands-on advices will be provided to project leaders on the construction of more ecological and ecoresponsible sets, but also on the best use of natural sets. Film Paris Region has been working on these issues for 10 years now through the Ecoprod network and the European project Green Screen.

As part of the Paris Images Trade Show, The Production Forum will be taking place  in the same place as the Micro-Salon, organised by the AFC in order to strengthen interaction between professionals.

The Production Forum will harbor about a hundred participants, among them:
The Ile-de-France Region, many Paris Region sites, national organizations, studios, companies and professional associations as well as film commissions that are members of the Film France network.