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Phil Tippett will receive the GENIE Visionary Award

Tuesday 14 November 2017


On the occasion of the Paris Images Digital Summit (January 24th-27th, 2018) the Ile de France Film Commission and the Centre des arts (Enghien-les-Bains) are pleased to announce that Mr. Phil Tippett (Tippett Studio) will be awarded by the GENIEVisionary Award on the 24th of January 2018 during the fourth edition of the Digital Creation GENIE Awards.

GENIE Visionary Award 2018

The GENIE Visionary Award rewards a personality of the digital creation industry for significant and lasting contributions to the art and science by way of vision, artistry, invention and innovation. For its edition 2018, the GENIE Awards committee is very honored to celebrate one of the greatest magicians of cinema, a giant of visual effects industry who has spanned the four last decades.

Phil Tippett is the recipient of two Academy Awardsfor Best Visual Effects for his outstanding work on the movies Star Wars - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and Jurassic Park. He has also won one BAFTA, two Emmys, a VES Georges Méliès Award and many other prizes during his incredible career.

Profoundly inspired by the Ray Harryhausen’s work, he has devoted his life to create the fantastic creatures and the miniatures of many classic feature films including Star Wars Films. The stop motion miniature chess scene for Star Wars: A New Hope, the Imperial Walkers and the alien hybrid Tauntaun for The Empire Strikes Back or the creatures Jabba the Hut and the Rancor Pit Monster for Return of the Jedi are among his achievements, which made cinema history. Phil Tippett created the technic of “Go Motion” that produced a realistic beast for Dragonslayer.

In 1984, Phil Tippett founded Tippett Studio, a company mostly dedicated in stop motion animations working on numerous feature films such as Willow or Robocop. After Jurassic Park, his studio came into the digital age. Nobody has forgotten the swarms of deadly arachnids for the cult movie directed by Paul Verhoeven, Starship Troopers.

Today, Phil Tippett mixes with talent and invention, the ancestral techniques in stop motion, modeling or special effects with the most innovative digital visual effects to create thrilling imagery for screens of all sizes. He also develops his own projects as director and he’s currently working on the 3rd and 4th chapters of Mad God, a feature-film in stop motion.

He’s recently inducted into the VES Hall of Fame, a select group of pioneers who have played a significant role in advancing the field of visual effects.

Former GENIE Visionary Awards :
2015 : Neil Corbould
2016 : Dennis Muren, Rodolphe Chabrier, Jacques Bled
2017 : Joe Letteri, Pierre Buffin


The Paris Images Digital Summit is an event of the Paris Images Trade Show. The expertise of France’s technical industries and technicians working in the film, audiovisual and animation industries is world class and one of our country’s key assets. The Paris Images Trade Show is a highlight of the events calendar aimed at showcasing these dynamic “industry to industry” professionals from all over the world.