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THE Ile-de-France FILM commission



The Ile de France region has set up a Fund for the cinematographic and audiovisual industries to aid individual projects and skilled employment in the sector as well as to combat relocation.  In addition, the State institute for cultural co-operation and Film Commission of Ile de France has the goal of actively creating the best conditions to highlight the region’s potential while supplying the means to strengthen its international presence.

Its main duties are to facilitate filming in the region by offering French and foreign film crews the best possible work conditions and production framework and to facilitate the setting up of French and foreign co-productions so as to make the Ile de France region a prime location for international productions.

Besides, the Film Commission ensures that the Ile de France region features in all the main professional events of the sector, particularly in countries with large-scale film and audiovisual production that could potentially generate work in the region. The Commission’s goal is to identify projects in the planning stage and encourage promoters to use the Ile de France region for filming and production activity.



The Ile de France Film Commission deals with several mission in order to reinforce the attractivity of its territory. To welcome, promote, cooperate and innovate are its four main goals.


  • Facilitating filming in Ile de France 
  • Informing the site managers on hosting film productions
  • Identifing and proposing the regional resources
  • Studing projects
  • Linking with a network of experienced professionals: executive production companies, production managers, assistant directors, scouts, managers ...
  • Inform on the possibilities of funding and co-production offered
  • Inform on filming permits
  • Helping to find the best places: accommodation ...


  • Identifing the upstream projects to encourage them to come to ensure the production and filming in Ile de France
  • Presence of the Ile de France Film Commission in major professional events: fairs, festivals ...
  • Organizing events promotion and enhancement of the sector
  • Implementing workshops writers


  •  Managing the network of film professionals in Ile de France 
  • Creating partnerships with cities in the Region
  • Cooperating with other regional film commissions
  • Partnering with European capital regions


  • Advising on regulatory and financial developments
  • Developing eco-shooting
  • Organizing the largest professional meeting on visual effects and digital creation
  • Editing tools and practical guides to facilitate filming